Celebrating Lammas 2013Today many of us are celebrating Lammas. It’s the first of what many of us call “harvesting festivals”. It means 91 days until Halloween or Samhain – the 3rd harvesting festival, All Hallow’s Eve, the night the veil is thinnest, but most importantly it is 91 days until our 4th Wedding anniversary!

Summer is still in full swing here in Spokane, WA, but the nights are growing cool enough for sweatshirts. Tonight, I’m looking forward to enjoying some goodies from our neighbors’ garden. We are in a fire ban right now so I will celebrate the “first harvest” by candlelight and with some nommy iced tea. The special bottle of Mead I am saving for Samhain.

Lammas is also a wonderful time to enjoy what you have created throughout the year to this point and what is coming out of it.

Plan out the rest of your Business Calendar

It is also a good time to sit down with your business calendar and plan out the rest of your year. The last quarter of the year is fast upon us. And with the Holiday season coming just as quickly, why not sit down with your awesome self and brainstorm some ideas to share your fabulousness and increase your abundance. After all, one of the special things about Lammas is celebrating abundance!

Whether you are celebrating Lammas or not, what are you creating or sharing over the next few months?

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