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What is Blogsite Care?

It’s keeping your WordPress core, themes and plugins updated and having current backups of your site in case you need to restore your site for whatever reason.

Blogsite Care is like self-care for your blogsite. It’s not a “set it and forget it” kind of thing that you can just set up your site, create posts and think it will take care of itself. It just doesn’t work that way. Everything in the World of WordPress is ever-changing!

Themes and plugins are always getting updated and tweaked. Sometimes they become obsolete and are no longer tended to by their authors. If you don’t keep your blogsite updated, your site is wide open to security risks and other nasty messes that will cause great headaches, stress and frustration.

So many people are so afraid of updating anything on the admin side of their WordPress site for fear of breaking something and not knowing how to fix it that they end up with broken sites anyhow! Or worse — they get hacked. It’s better to have something break while updating than having to fix an outdated and hacked site without a current backup.

Straight to the point — update your site and create a current backup OR invest the monies in someone else to do it for you.

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What Do I Get with a Blogsite Care Plan?

Peace of mind! Pure and simple!

Your Blogsite Care Plan Includes:

Biweekly WordPress Updates

WordPress Core Updates

Theme Updates

Plugin Updates

Biweekly PDF Update Log

Monthly Database Optimization & Clean Up

Requires a plugin to be installed. I provide this option if it’s not already set up your blogsite.

Backup & Spam Protection

Requires plugins to be installed. I provide this option if it’s not already set up your blogsite.

Current pricing for One site ONLY
Current pricing for Multi Sites
*** Fixing broken sites is not included in the Blogsite Care Plan. Please see A La Carte –> Fix My Site options. ***


Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

My blog is currently hosted on Can I use your Blogsite Care Plan?
No. Your blogsite must be a self-hosted WordPress site.
Does the Blogsite Care Plan include updating pages, creating new pages, and adding new content and images?
No. That is Content Management and ONLY available to Blogsite Creation Package clients. See A La Carte –> Content Management Options.

Blogsite Care Plans are for keeping WordPress core, themes and plugins updated; making sure your database is optimized and cleaned up; and that you have a new full backup available in case something gets broken.

Got any questions not listed in the FAQ above? Use the Contact form below 😀

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Blogging with Gypsy ~ WordPress and Blogsite Consulting

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