Blogging VS Blogsite Yes, they are 2 different things!

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What is a blogsite?

Quite literally, it is a website with a blog.

This means you have pages for specific things that, most likely, will not change in content except for getting updated — no different from a website.

Examples of pages would be About, Contact, Services, Testimonials, Disclaimers, Terms of Service, etc. This list could go in FOREVER!

What makes it a blogsite is that you now have a blog section with posts, which essentially are their own pages but,in the Blog-o-Sphere, we call them posts.

Yes, the Blog-o-Sphere exists. ANYONE who blogs is part of it. Accept it and move on.

Side note tidbit: the word “blog” is just the shortened version of web log. When said fast it blends to weblog. People got lazy over time and just call them blogs.

If you really need to know more than that, you can very easily Google it or find out more on WikiPedia.

Blogsite VS Blogging ~ Yes, they are 2 different things! ~ ~ @gypsylosavio

What is blogging?

AH … down to the meat of things.

Blogging on your blogsite is like writing in your journal. Each blog post is a new entry. This creates, what is called, dynamic content.

Of course, you are probably wondering what dynamic content is. I get it.

Dynamic content is adding fresh, new content to your site on a regular basis. Blogging does exactly that!

What does dynamic content do for you, you may wonder.

WELL, I will tell you!

You create a website with all these pages that rarely get changed. This means NOTHING FRESH is being added, except for the occasional update to the pages that you have already created.

Why is this pertinent?

Because your website is static. This means once the pages get crawled by the search engines, they aren’t going anywhere in the ranks because you don’t update them enough. So they just sit there not getting crawled again by the search engines.

NOW adding a blog and blogging regularly, making your site more dynamic with consistent fresh content, means that your site will more likely be crawled more often and hopefully get higher in the rankings. At least that’s the Holy Grail of SEO. LOLz

Okay, I’m not saying that if you produce new content regularly that you will rank number one on any search engine.

Dude! That takes A LOT of work, time and, yes, quite possibly MONEY. Of course, that is unless a person is specifically searching your site domain or your name.

It’s a fact of life that EVERYONE NEEDS TO UNDERSTAND!

Just because you create a website, a blogsite or anything on the interwebz, does not mean you will show up at the top of the first page. If that’s what you are trying to do, please move on, get off your ass and do the homework, research and whatever else you NEED to do to make that happen.

It’s not going to happen here. Just sayin’.

Let’s recap

Blogsites are websites with a blog. That’s it. Nothing special, nothing fancy.

And I like the word “blogsite” better than website. 😀

Blogging is creating new content on a regular and consistent basis on your blogsite that will ensure that the search engines will crawl your site more frequently, while at the same time growing your audience, your reach and your influence.

Pretty amazing, huh?!?!?

It won’t put you in the number one spot last week on Google or Bing but it will help your ideal readers and potential clients find you.

If SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is what you want, then move along and go where that’s talked about, taught and shared. There are plenty of information outlets on the interwebz.

I’m more into organic SEO as it’s not my focus to be number one on Google. But I bet if you type in “blogging gypsy” or “blogging witchypreneur” someone (MOI) may show up in the first page 😀

I hope this helps you understand the difference, even on a generalized level.

Have questions about blogsites and blogging?  Or experiences with people who just don’t or didn’t get the difference? Please share your stories below! I’ll do my best to answer the questions OR I’ll use your question in a future post!

Click here to tell your stories.

Sending lots of luvs and hugs,

Kimberly Gypsy LoSavio

your SoulFull Biz and Life Mentor

Luvs, Hugs & Snooches! Gypsy
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