Panda helping his friend get up on the log!Blogging buddies and tribes help keep us consistent and encourage us as well as making sure we know that what we have IS important to share with the world!

Having a blogging buddy or being part of a blogging tribe is so detrimental to bloggers now days — especially newbie bloggers! It is so important to have someone or a group to support you, be your cheerleaders, and share the gifts you have to offer to the world!

I need BOTH — a buddy or 12 AND a tribe! 😀

Blogging Buddies vs Blogging Tribe

Blogging buddies are people you can share your ideas with, who understands your situation, you can vent with, and even work on projects together.

They support you and cheer you on, which is so important; especially if one does not have a support system already in place.

You can guest post on each others’ blogs.

You help each other stay consistent — this is VERY important!

Blogging for your business is hard work! It can get stressful — you have to learn balance your family, home and business all on that same teeter totter.

It’s so much easier to have a support system in place for this! And a blogging buddy really helps. Of course, having your family on board and supporting you is important as well, but that’s for a different post all together.

A blogging tribe is a select group of people who agree to read, comment on and share each other’s blogs. You can gather a tribe among your friends or join a group.

You want to keep the tribe fairly small because you are agreeing to read each person’s blog posts, comment on them and share them in your social circles.If you have too many people in your tribe, it will start to get overwhelming. We don’t want that 😉

Where can you find your blogging buddies or tribes?

It’s best to find a buddy or tribe in your own niche — people you hang out with or who you want to work with both online and off.

Put feelers out in Facebook groups you are active in.

Tweet about it — ask your followers if they are looking for something similar.

Start a hangout in Google+ with your circles and talk about putting together a tribe.

You can do the same thing on LinkedIn.

What are the benefits of having a Blogging Buddies or Tribed?

  • Someone is Actually reading your blog
  • Build connections / relationships with other bloggers
  • Create community ~ your buddy or tribe shares with their circles and the community grows
  • Increase in traffic to your sites, higher Alexa rankings (if you keep track of these things)
  • Social Sharing ~ getting the word out
  • Help other bloggers build their audience

Help your tribe help you!

  • Add social sharing plugins to your blog
  • Reward your commenters

Suggested Plugins — ** I use WordPress, so the plugins I have listed are for that platform. Some of these plugins do have versions for other platforms. You can do a Google search to them.**

** Comment Luv and Top Commentators are great plugins that reward your readers who comment on your blogsite! This means links to their sites show up in their comment and other readers on your blog can go visit theirs as well. This helps build community with your readers and shows that you like to share 😉 I call it good Karma — passing on the luv 😉 It’s important. And your commentors will come back!

My Final Thoughts

I believe that blogging buddies and tribes are a positive thing for any blogger. It is a commitment, but it helps you stay consistent and grow your blog, whether its personal or for business.

Do you have a buddy? Are you part of a blogging tribe or group?

Please click here to share your thoughts.

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