Special Guest Post ~ Blog Your Personality by Mary CaelstoToday I am sharing a very special guest blog post from my friend, Mary Caelstro of The Muse Charmer. She offers some great tips on how to add your personality to your blog.

Blog Your Personality

Blogs are often touted as the way to show your personality, a way for readers and customers to get to know you. And for authors this can be very true, because while readers connect with books, they also connect with the people behind the books.

I write, and work, within the romance genre a lot, and the community can be very close knit. This is a good thing as readers come to know their favorite authors as friends and individual people. They celebrate together, and sometimes they cry together. The emotional connection between author and reader runs deep; blogging can enhance this.

How can you blog your personality?

The easy answer is to be yourself. While common wisdom will tell bloggers to avoid controversial subjects like religion or politics, unless that’s the focus of their blogs, there are a lot of things which bloggers can share that will connect with readers.

Good recipes are always welcome, as are reviews on popular movies, book recommendations, or even posting about a favorite hobby. These posts will help introduce you to readers through your likes and dislikes. General talk about family or personal vacations, hobbies, or events also help.

Of course you want to be careful to not share too much personal information, but most of us have plenty of hobbies, thoughts on movies, television, and books, as well as favorite recipes that we can give readers a good taste of our personality without delving into private matters.

Personally, I’ve found blogging a good mix of professional posts and personal ones, sometimes mixing the two, as I did with a recent camping story, make the best peeks behind the curtain to reveal the person behind the writer. And these are the blogs I love to read, the ones that mix the personal and the professional. It isn’t all about them, but then again, it isn’t all about the reader, either.

There are some topics that are universal. Pets, food, and vacations seem to be things we all like to read about (look at the amount of food and pet pictures on Facebook as an example). Who doesn’t love chocolate? Or coffee? Or good, nutritious food we can feed to our families?

So what can you do to add personality to your blog? Make sure you keep it light, keep it fun, and keep it relatable. Your readers will connect from there, and your blog will become a reflection of you!

Mary Caelstro of The Muse Charmer combines her creativity, her love of animals, her spirituality and her life lessons into  a life filled with magic, music, and joy. A published author for over a decade, her numerous works have touched  readers worldwide, and she has been a publisher and editor  for nearly six years. She’s read tarot cards for nearly twenty years and has been a reiki practitioner for about seven years.

Thank you so much, Mary, for sharing your blogging insights!

So, c’mon now! What is it that you add to your blog that screams your personality?

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