Be authentic and true!Okay it’s time to be more authentic and true, and to fess up.

It’s also time to take out the broom and clear out the cobwebs and dusty mess here at Blogging with Gypsy.

There’s no excuse, other than I have “a lack of conviction” as Phil tells Loki in the Avengers. (We just did a Marvel marathon this weekend after we went to see Iron Man 3 last week. Awesome! Definitely a must see in the theaters. It was totally worth the $10 movie ticket!)

In trying to change this terrible “lack of conviction” and be more authentic and true, I can only move forward. So I am starting fresh today with my Monday Magicks.

It was going to be a Sunday Rant Musings but I thought it better for Monday Magicks, as it does have to do with my “magickal” side.

Get on with it, already, Gypsy! Sheesh!!

As many of you know, I am Pagan. I’ve not made it a secret, I just don’t flaunt it. It’s just not me.

I incorporate, I share where needed, and I vent when warranted.

This is definitely a vent that is warranted.

Well, it is for me, anyhow, and I promise not to be too terrible 😉

Today, I want to share a little something about being authentic and true.

This is not only important for yourself, but also for your business. If you are not authentic and true, you do not build trust. And you’re not likely to attract your ideal client or customer. To many potential clients, you come across as either wishy-washy or even worse — deceitful.

Yep ~ I threw in the deceitful word.

So, what’s your point, Gypsy? I’m getting bored here!

Right down to brass tacks. Here’s the point!

Be authentic and true!

I stumbled across a website last week after getting several promo emails (from peeps I trust and admire) for a JV event they were participating in. I took the bait and perused the offers.

C’mon, we all love deals and getting these programs and services for less than the regular cost is pretty sweet, right?

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking, too.

Along my perusing adventure, I came across an offer that gave the impression of witchy-ness. I was excited, to say the least. As this is not a common thing I see in these sort of JV promos.

So, yeah, this witch was excited to learn more about this offer and the person behind the offer.

WOW! Talk about major disappointment!

Several things disappointed me, but one thing actually irked me.

What disappointed me was the presentation, lack of content, and lack of proof that would inspire me to invest even in the promotion deal, let alone take the time to schedule a “consultation”.

This person did nothing to give any pop or pizzaz to her website.

It had NO COLOR … at all.

There were very few blog posts.

And the “portfolio” was lacking.

Oh wait … there wasn’t one. o.O

But the WORST THING?!?

There was NOTHING on the website that gave the impression of witchy-ness.

An image with gloved hands and a magic wand makes me think of magicians, not witches, thanks. You know … “pull a rabbit out of the hat” kind of stuff.

WORSE — she stated quite clearly in one post that she really isn’t a witch, that she uses the term “witchcraft” in her branding to get attention – to attract a bit more attention in a crowded field.

Let me say that again …

She used the term witchcraft in her branding to get attention.

Why am I repeating that?

Because she’s proving her intent to be deceitful and showing that she is NOT authentic and true — not only to herself but to her potential clients!

I was shocked … then aghast … which then turned to kind of irked.

Why, you may wonder. I see that skeptical look in your eyes.

Here’s why!

It doesn’t matter what path, spiritual belief or religion you follow. But when you see someone hiding behind something you hold sacred as a marketing ploy to get attention, you cannot tell me it does not tick you off.

Point of this post!

Being authentic and true in your branding and business builds trust and rapport! ~ Click to Tweet!

Using certain terms in your branding and back pedaling in your content (i.e. saying you are NOT something you are claiming via your branding) tears down that trust and rapport and will most likely draw clients that are not ideal to you or your business, or worse — no clients at all. Do you hear those crickets? I certainly do.

I don’t have an issue with using the word magic to explain what you do.

I have a problem with using the term “witchcraft” in your branding while stating clearly you are not a witch; that you use the term “witchcraft” solely to draw attention.

I know plenty of “muggles” who use the term “magic” in their business. Guess what? They DO perform magic! No shit!

They take something blah and bland and icky and form it into something amazing, awesome and beautiful!

That’s magic, people! And there is nothing wrong with going that route.

But, to me, I feel it is deceitful to use something in one’s branding that is clearly not true.

Two things out of this rant you should take with you.

1 – Witchcraft, magick and magic all have different meanings. Ask any Witch or Pagan you know.

2 – Be authentic and true in your branding and your business (as well as yourself) to attract the right clients and customers that are ideal for your business, not just to stand out in a crowded field.

Do you have experiences like this? Have you stumbled on something you thought was one thing but clearly deceived by the branding? Please share your story. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Please click here to share your thoughts.

With Lots of Hugs & Luvs, Gypsy



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