Because I am the world’s biggest dork and I LOVE Star Wars!!!

Check out this totally awesome video I found today!!!

OMG I so want one of these!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

Being that I was around when the ORIGINAL Star Wars movies were released, I just want to share that I saw all three of them in a real live drive-inn! It was the 100 Twin off the intersection of Hwy 10 and Interstate 35W just north of the Twin Cities in MN. It was torn down years ago and is now home to MedTronics and some other corporate offices. But they did do a nice job on landscaping and added some nice walking trails! LOL

Do you remember drive-inns? Do you live somewhere that still has a working one? How about if you remember waiting in line for tickets to see Star Wars in the theater? Please share your memories in the comment box below 😉 Join me in being a nerdy-dork and reminiscing of Star Wars olde!

PS ~ the original post I saw this can be viewed here:

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