Monday Magicks ~ Sing Dance Dream by Lady Abigail


Sing ~ Dance ~ Dream

Sing in shadows, and dance in the night.

Give into your dreams, under the moon light.

Let no one take your spirit away.

For this is the place your heart wants to stay!

by Lady Abigail of Raven’s Grove Coven and owner of The Glass Witch Magick Shoppe

Sing ~ Dance ~ Dream by Lady AbigailI saw this today and shared it on my FB profile. It could not have come at a better time.

Okay, I sing crappy and dance horribly, but I sure can dream! LOL

This particular affirmation just resonated with me, especially today!

I know why I’m so drawn to it. I have made up my mind that my authentic self — my true self — just does not deserve to be put on the back burner because of what other people think.

I am saucy, snarky, sarcastic, and condescending to those who dish it first when in person. Oh, ask those who know me well (close friends and family) — I am sweet-natured, kind, optimistic and bubbly as well.

I am also impatient, easily irked and frustrated by condescending know-it-alls, and I have a tendency to come across as apathetic to those that do not know me very well.

Well, guess what?!?!

I just described a Virgo with a Taurus moon and a Pisces rising, whose chart (not sign– that’s Mercury) is also ruled by Neptune and I’m a 9 — with lots of them in my numerology box, which according to one book that I am desperately trying to remember the name of, tells me people with lots of 9s in their box tend to work in carnivals! HAHAHAHAHA Now that is funny!!

Anyhow, this is me!

I am Pagan!

I am a mom and wife building a web design business and rebuilding Gypsy Rose Treasures (shoppe) so I can stay home with our 9 month old son.

I blog and want to help others who already have a business learn to utilize this awesome tool to grow their business and use social media to help as well.

I am blessed to be surrounded by so many open-minded, wonderful and amazing people of all beliefs and paths, and I think because of a select few, I am able to get past that nagging, self-sabotage fear of what “other people” think.

And for that, I say “Thank  you!” You know who you are <3

I just wanted to share that little bit of magick with you.


Kimberly Gypsy LoSavio

WordPress Enthusiast. Blogging Mentor. Witchy Mom-Preneur. Coffee Fiend! Founder of Blogging with Gypsy. High Craft-ess of Crafting with Gypsy. Head Chatterbox of Coffee with Gypsy.

I help crafty, creative, heart-centered entrepreneurs fed up with outdated, ill-advised and unsuccessful “solutions” create a place online that reflects their authenticity and true purpose while creating the life they deserve.
Thank You to 4 Amazing Goddesses and a Colony of Bees!
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  1. Absolutely wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

  2. You don’t have to dance or sing beautifully to did it :)I’m looking forward to my spring celebration on the last of April. I hope to be ale to do all that, without caring if others see or hear me.

    • I’m self conscious even when I’m alone LOLz but I do like singing with William so he and I will be dancing and singing around the livingroom for Beltane this year ;) I can’t wait til next year when we can do a May Pole together!!! Enjoy your celebration, Linda!!!! It will be grand and wonderous!!!
      Kimberly Gypsy LoSavio recently posted…Tuesday Tips & Tricks: Backup, Update, ProtectMy Profile

      • Thanks :) My daughter joined me last year. It was great to have her running circles around the fire. She was three at the time :)

      • It gets better every day

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