Meet our Fat Cat Nacho

Meet Nacho Libre Mittens Toulouse Von Brunswick Lebowski!

Yep … that really is what we have named him!

He’s 4 years old and weights 23 pounds! He’s HUGE!

Nacho belongs to Kelly, our oldest daughter. But when she moved out to her own apartment, though Nacho loves her dearly, he just wasn’t making the adjustment very well at his new home. So, Mom (me) had to go retrieve him!

He loves his Kelly Belle, and she is still his momma, but he just would rather be at home with the other cats.

Here are some awesome pictures of our fat cat and his momma ;)

Have to share this one! It’s not with Nacho, but I just love all the pictures I take with the older kids and BayBay William!

Here's Kelly with BayBay -- taken in December 2011

Here’s Kelly with BayBay — taken in December 2011

I just love sharing!


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