Keeping your blogsite secure

Keeping your WordPress blogsite secure is very important!Blog security is very important.

Here are a few tips I’d like to share and some WordPress plugin suggestions that I use myself.

**I use WordPress for all my blogging needs, so moving forward, all my tips, tricks and advice will refer to WP unless otherwise noted.**


  • NEVER use “ADMIN” for your username! — be creative here, as well. Using upper and lower case letters as well as numbers will make your username and password all the more “hackproof”.
  • ALWAYS keep your blog up to date. It’s okay to wait about a week or so with updates to the latest versions, as sometimes there are some tweaks and issues that come up and another new version becomes available. I update plugins and themes immediately when there are notifications to updates, however I tend to wait about a week or so with the WP version updates.
  • When you are choosing plugins, check their last update and if they are compatible with the version of WP you are using. Most often popular plugins are kept up to date with new version releases. But if it hasn’t been updated in a very long time, odds are you don’t want it. All the plugins I use for my blog are recommended by trusted sources.
  • Did I mention, ALWAYS keep your blog up to date? I did? Okay … just making sure  :mrgreen:
  • Back up your blog regularly. I have added a reminder in my phone’s calendar that tells me to back up once a month. It is wise to back up your blog every time you add a new plug-in as well … just in case. (Knock on wood) You can choose to back up more or less often. It really depends on what you are using your blog for.
  • NEVER share your username and password with others! One of the awesome things about Word Press is that you can add new users with different roles, including Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor and Subscriber — all with different levels of access to your dashboard. As far as I’m concerned, the ONLY person who should have access to this information is your spouse/significant other.

Most of this is common sense, it is just nice to have a reminder.


  • Secure WordPress and WP Security Scan by Web Defender – One of the things I like best about these 2 plugins (they work in tandem) is that I get alerts about suspicious hacker activity, and it tells me when I’ve made any updates to my plugins, themes and WP version. Web Defender’s blog also has great articles that helps you keep your blogsite secure.
  • Better WP Security by Bit51 – the biggest reason I chose to use this plugin was to change my user from “admin” … yep, I fell into that trap. And this plugin saved me from having to delete my entire WP and start over, as you cannot change your admin name once it’s in place. With this plugin, you can! The only downside was that when I went through the settings, I did not realize I locked myself out of being able to edit the php files. That caused a brief headache, but after going through everything, I unchecked the option and now have access to “Editor” under “Appearance” LOL

Please keep in mind that you don’t have to do everything each plug-in suggests. And some options I would leave alone if you have no clue about coding. I’ve been coding sites for over 10 years and there was stuff I left alone so I don’t screw up my site. HAHA

*** BACK UP BACK UP BACK UP — before you apply each new plugin. Just a friendly reminder ;) ***

Do you have some favorite plugins or security tips you would like to share? Please use the comment box below! I would love to read about them!!

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