Halloween Freaky-Nomics ~ How Much Do You Spend Each Year?

Halloween FreakyNomics InforgraphicHalloween Freaky-Nomics?

This infographic shows the crazy monies we spend here in the US from 2003 to this year (2012)! Crazy NUTS I tell you! But I think its awesome! :D

Halloween is my FAVORITE time of year! It has been since I was a little girl! It is such a huge part of my life and I was blessed enough to find a man willing to marry me on Halloween!

Yep! This year Sean and I will be celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary …

On Halloween! YAY!!

Halloween Freaky-nomics

I will admit that my Halloween budget far exceeds our Christmas budget when it comes to decorating. That’s for decorations, mind you, not presents for the kiddos LOL

Up until last year, we did not get very many Trick-or-Treaters.

But we solved that problem!


Apparently if you have decorations in your front yard, you get more kids at your door. Woot!

We have a Giant Pumpkin and we add all kinds of  other fun stuff!

Below is a picture from last year. It’s dark because .. well, I took the picture at night! LOL Duh!

Our front yard Halloween 2011

We love decorating both outside and inside for Halloween. I love dressing up and taking the kids out trick or treating.

It was a harsh reality for me in 2009 the next day when I told my husband I wouldn’t be doing this anymore. I was really sad!

Of course now that we have William .. SURPRISE .. I still get to go Trick or Treating! Woot!

And the older kids seem to be excited about it too — a new found love for sharing our favorite holiday with our little guy!

Do you have fun things you like to do for Halloween? How much money do you spend each year on candy and decorations? Do you do it for your kids or for yourself? HEHE For us .. I think it’s both!

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