Friday Wonders ~ Is the Cross-over really Bull$&#*?


Do you use esoteric methods in your everyday life or your business?I’m baffled today.

Okay, I’ve been baffled about this subject for some time, to be totally honest. But let’s just say, for argument’s sake, today I am even more baffled.

About what, you ask??

Please speak up … get it out!

What is the problem???

And, we’re shocked. You never insinuate a “Sailor” mouth in your posts’ titles. You must really be heated!

Okay, I’m not heated, I promise. But I am baffled and curious … as well as frustrated — in some cases.

Yep, that is a good word!

OMG just spit it out already!!!!!!

Sigh ….

Okay, I am Pagan.

It’s quite obvious to those that know me well enough AND who are friends on my Facebook profile — I do find it hard for those not to guess the obvious from my fb Page, though. I am wearing a Witch hat, after all!

I do NOT flaunt my beliefs, nor do I judge others their chosen paths.

I am so blessed to have people in my life that are okay with that, too.

And by “Okay with that”, I mean they do not judge, make snide comments, or tell me my chosen path is wrong.

Guess what?!?!?

That is the very thing that makes me even more jaded and just adds to my list of “why I think you are a hypocrite” — harsh words, but true.

If you are truly devoted to your path (what ever that path may be), then as far as I’m concerned, there is no place for judgement and closed mindedness to others who follow different paths.

Yep, that is exactly how I feel about that!!!!

And, again, I am very blessed to have certain people in my life (face-to-face or via cyberspace) who are not Pagan and we adore each other equally :) — with an open heart AND and open mind!!! <3

So, why am I writing this today, you ask?

Because the suspense is killing you, I know, that I haven’t even said why I am writing this!

UGH, I talk too much — or rather write! LOL

I am finding more and more “self-professed” Christians (meaning they have openly said it in their bios, ‘about me’ pages, comments, tweets, etc.) out there using esoteric methods in their every day life and in their businesses.

These methods include Numerology, Oracle/Tarot cards, Astrology, iChing, Feng Shui, Runes, Palm reading … and, yes, even consulting psychics or clairvoyants.

Don’t get me wrong! I am all for this shift.

However, I do question some people’s authenticity or sincerity — I told you! I’m jaded.

Actually, it’s hard not to when you are in several DIFFERENT circles with these said people and you see what they post. This is what makes me question certain people.

So .. do you call “bull$&#* or let it slide?

I guess it really depends on the situation.

I do, however, enjoy letting that person know how insincere I know they are (subtly of course), in the most drastic of situations. I don’t feel bad about it, either.

Don’t preach (or rather bash and judge in some cases) in one circle and slather with honey in another. You get caught! And you will get called out!

It comes down to this …

Is the cross-over really genuine?

I do believe one can have their chosen beliefs and consult methods from other paths! I see it every day! And it gives me hope that there are more open-minded and open-hearted folks out there.

However, I am still skeptical and, sadly, still jaded.

You all will see some changes to Blogging with Gypsy as I am no longer keeping my “authentic self” just floating in the background.

I am Pagan ~ I am proud of my chosen path!

That does NOT change my ability help others build their businesses through blogging and social networking.

That does NOT change my knowledge in web and graphic design.

That does NOT change my desire to see others shine through blogging for their businesses.

And if you are one who thinks one’s chosen spiritual path does change all that, then please stop reading my blog, stop following me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest and what ever other circles we share. I promise not to take offense.

If you have gotten this far in this post, I would love to hear how you integrate esoteric methods in your own life or even your business. Use the comment box below and share!!!

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PS ~ a special THANKS goes out to Amethyst Mahoney who has helped me with this dilemma!


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Abracadabra ~ Please forgive the dusty mess ;)


    • Thank you, Sue, for your comment ;) And I read your post, too ;) It’s this kind of perspective that I do appreciate and respect.

      I liked your quip about “spells being complicated” — they really are not. Truth be told, it really is dependent on the individual. for me, I am all about simplicity. I really don’t consult my moon phases or gather up a bunch of supplies. My “process” is no different than how Christians pray — every one does it differently — some with flare and flamboyance while others do it quietly to themselves. The only difference being who we say our prayers to.

      Thanks for stopping by. And I hope you have a great weekend!!!
      Kimberly Gypsy LoSavio recently posted…Tuesday Tips & Tricks: 3 Ways to Spruce up Your Business CardMy Profile

  1. So I was going to post a thoughtful response and then it got away from me. I decided to just blog about it and invite you to read that at

    But short version…no, I’m not bothered by the crossover; it’s always existed. I do support the quest for personal authenticity including yours! I look forward to what you’ll be bringing to the blog in the future.

    • Thank you so much, Cosette! I read your post and commented ;) You hit so many points and nails on the head!

      In all reality, I am not begrudging the cross over. I am actually pretty happy about. But like I’ve said a few times already, I just worry that some of these people are not doing it for the right reasons and I fear they are bad mouthing or bashing these things in “real life”. C’mon .. we all know these people or have at least experienced them on some level … and with the shift that is going on with the world, I hate to see these few — shall we just call them hypocrites to be safe all around — make it hard for those who are genuinely open minded and open hearted to continue blending or crossing over … without a total switch. In a Utopian world, I would like to see it all respected and accepted .. not just tolerated and not two-faced .. if that makes sense.

      Thanks, again, Cosette!! <3
      Kimberly Gypsy LoSavio recently posted…Friday Wonders ~ Is the Cross-over really Bull$&#*?My Profile

  2. Good for you, Kimberly! I’m pretty fed up with keeping myself “hidden” too, so I’ve decided to hop on out of the broom closet as well, so to speak.

    I don’t want to begrudge Christians or others for dabbling in the esoteric, though. After all, historically there have been tons of people from every religion (even Christian) who follow a more spiritual path. Don’t let the loud-mouth Republican jerks or self-righteous Ding-Dongs jade you. After all, I used to be one of them, too. ;-)

    Amethyst Mahoney,
    Bad-Ass Fluffy Bunny Extraordinaire

    • Thanks, Amethyst! It’s funny how we think we aren’t “in the closet” so to speak, isn’t it? UGH I don’t hide the fact that I am Pagan, but I don’t really advertise it either. So I guess, when I think about it, I kind of, sort of am. Sheesh. but, that’s all changing! YAY

      I am glad to see more and more peeps using oracles, numerology and astrology — it makes me smile. Especially when they use it in their businesses :) And even more so when they are genuine about it.

      I say here is to our Bad-Ass Fluffy Bunny Warrior selves! You rock, my friend! Thanks, again! ;)
      Kimberly Gypsy LoSavio recently posted…Tuesday Tips & Tricks: 3 Ways to Spruce up Your Business CardMy Profile

  3. I have been a Pagan all my life and have made no bones about it. I too am fed up with those who keep their faith a secret because they are afraid of reprisals.. I hear it all the time. “I can’t come out of the broom closet because I’ll loose my job…my family would disown me…balugh blaugh blaugh!” But no one looks twice at the person who wears their cross to work or says Merry Christmas or ‘invites them to attend their church’. I admit, I kept my Paganism a secret for many years, well, not really secret, but I didn’t advertise. If someone asked…I told them! Again, no bones. But that’s the Pagan way…we don’t proselytize. I told my mother, she was not really surprised and was okay with it. I told my sister and her response was, “why don’t you believe in God?” I told her that was the wrong question. Since then she has come to accept who I am but looks at my divinatory pursuits as amusing. Well, enough rant. Thanks for the opportunity. Love your blog.

    • Thanks for the reply, Ivy! And I am so with you one the double standards. And that really does just prove to me about the hypocrisy — the whole “I can” but “You can’t” just really pisses me off. I am glad to see more and more open minded souls reaching out and connecting. It isn’t like I don’t know if they are genuine or not — those who study esoteric methods regularly can spot the ones who are not truly sincere rather quickly.

      But I am glad to see it more and more because it tells me there really are good people out there who are genuinely kind and loving and genuinely really do not care what a person’s path is. There have only have a very very small (less than one hand count) of this kind of people over the years, however, lately it has grown. And that really makes me warm and fuzzy!!! Dorky I know .. but it’s all about embracing my inner fluffy bunny I guess HAHA

      Thanks for stopping by, Ivy!! Have a great weekend!!!
      Kimberly Gypsy LoSavio recently posted…Friday Wonders ~ Is the Cross-over really Bull$&#*?My Profile


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