Favorite Apps for my “Dumb” Phone

My smartphone with a Klout Perk screen cleaner.I own a myTouch Q from t-mobile. ((<<– That’s my phone with the cool screen cleaner I got from Klout Perks )) 

Thank the Gods it has a sliding keyboard! Otherwise I would so hate it more!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my phone.

I can do anything on it!

Well, almost anything. I haven’t found an app to help me time travel — added to my to-do list ;) I will use an image of the Tardis for it as well! But I digress.

So tonight I am going to share with you my favorite apps that I use daily (okay, a couple I use almost hourly LOLz). Just so you all are aware, it’s an Android so all my apps now come from Google Play.

My Favorite Smartphone Apps

  • Instagram — YES!!! okay it isn’t as cool as the iPhone/Pad/Pod app but I love it!
  • Facebook — I use it on my phone as often as I do my laptop LOLz
  • Twitter — I’m on Twitter longer on my phone than my laptop … time to change that!
  • Kindle — yep, I am reading 2 ebooks I uploaded on it! Love it!!!
  • WordPress — this is just for on the fly drafts when I get an idea. Sadly, I am not a fan of the app for my phone. I liked it better on my Crackberry.
  • GMail — I check my email all the time.

So those are my favorite ‘droid apps for my stupid “smart” phone!

I will let you in on a little secret.

Your phone is truly only as smart as you are!

I just need to realize that the touch screen is really touchy! LOLz

If you have a smart phone or pad, what are your favorite apps? Or what apps do you use most often? I would love for you to share!!

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  1. Well, my phone is truly a dumb phone…. I can call and send text messages. It’s only saving grace is hat I can take photos, less than perfect ones but still, Zero apps. My iPod helps me survive!
    Melissa B. recently posted…Let’s Eat Some Frogs, Shall We?My Profile

    • calling and texting is important! And you can text, use facebook and stuff on your ipod as long as there is a wifi connection around ;) My daughter Kelly loves her iPod!
      Gypsy ~ Kimberly recently posted…Favorite Apps for my “Dumb”PhoneMy Profile

  2. I’ve got an iPad and iPhone, my favourite apps are (in no particular order)

    Flipboard, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Gmail and SkyGo


    Hootsuite, Google Reader, Foursquare, Gmail and NavFree (for in the car)
    Rob Scott recently posted…3 Most Popular Posts This WeekMy Profile

    • I haven’t added Foursquare yet .. still holding out LOL And I don’t use Google Reader — I don’t even sign in to my iGoogle anymore. Just use it for my email, G+ and search .. oh and maps too. my “smart” phone has it Genius button — UGH drives me nuts … LOL but it is for navigating and such when driving. It even has “in car mode” with voice. It’s cool but I don’t use it :( We sent my car to the salvage yard because it was just too much to fix and not worth it.
      Gypsy ~ Kimberly recently posted…Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes … It all Starts Today!My Profile



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