Monday Magicks ~ Facing Your Fears Captain America Style


It's time to quiet your brain noise and start facing your fears!Facing your fears is a daunting thing that creates this terrible pit in your stomach and makes all that “brain noise” get louder and louder! Just writing this makes my heart race faster, my hands and legs get twitchy and that introverted and highly sensitive inner wallflower to try to convince me to give up and move on.

Well, that only brings out the sassy, saucy introverted and highly sensitive outer wall flower to say “Kiss my Ass! If I want to open up my brick and mortar shoppe, then I have to get my ass moving, thank you!”

Thus begins the battle of wits with my inner and outer introverts! And more brain noise! UGH!

I found something tonight that moved me beyond what anyone has ever tried to tell me (good or bad) since starting this crazy “Mom-Preneur” journey and about “facing your fears”. It’s an interview with Chris Evans (Captain America) for Discovered – Intel. Just play the embedded video below … go on … do it now! I promise you won’t regret it!

If you cannot view the video above visit –>

When did it hit you? His over-simplified but profound wisdom in one simple word? Crazy, huh?

Are you facing your fears? Or are you letting your brain noise get in the way? What do you think of what Chris Evans has to say?

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This video is part 2 — You can view part 1 by visiting visiting and searching the term “Intel Becoming” and also see what other “celebrities” (like Johnny Knoxville at have to say on “Discovered: Slated for Stardom, Inspired by Intel”.

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  1. Hey Kimberly!!! Love the blog and the video. Brain noise, ego, anxiety… all of those things feed each other and when I get into overwhelm, I stop and tell them all to take a break, go sit down and be quiet! Then… I am in ‘that’ space of shushness… :) It’s a beautiful place in which to dwell when you’re tired of all the noise. Gotta share the video as I have some friends who could benefit from it. Love, light and blessings! ♥

    • Jan, I am so glad you loved the Video! Chris Evans is adorable. We’ve been having a Marvel movie kick at our house these past few weeks. LOL So I was pretty stoked to come across this video. It was totally insightful in the kind of person he is, but I can honestly tell you that I was so glad to find this as I am going through my own “brain noise.” This is just some inspiring and it is just so much more cooler that it’s with Captain America :D


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