Facebook Profile ~ Let’s Do a Review

Let's review your Facebook profile! 5 things you can check right now!Have you done a review of your Facebook profile lately?

I’m not talking about your FB business page — that’s for a different day. Right now I am talking about your facebook personal profile.

Okay, everyone has a different opinion about profiles vs. pages. And everyone has an opinion of what you should or should not post on either.

And many of us have had our fair share of both solicited and unsolicited advice on what to do with them.

My intention isn’t to tell anyone what to do with either, however it is always a good idea to review your social media profiles regularly.

And, today, I want you to review your Facebook profile.

5 Things You Can Check on your Facebook Profile

  1. Review your account and privacy settings. With all the recent changes over the past 12 months or so and the rollout of the new “Graph Search”, I think this is very important to review. How open and available is all the information on your profile to the public? Last week I spent about a half hour or so going through all my settings. Most of what is on my profile is ONLY visible to my friends. It scares me how many people out there still have all the settings at the default from when they first signed up o.O
  2. Do you know what others see when they go to your profile? Reviewing this is important because there is a LOT of information you may not want the “public” to be able to view. You can do this by clicking on the cog/gear next to the “Activity Log” button under your cover image. In the drop down menu, click on “View as …” and you can see what the someone who see if they are not friends with you.
  3. When was the last time you updated your profile or cover image? Okay, this isn’t absolutely important, but we are getting close to spring :) It might be time to change it up a little!
  4. Can people “Follow” you? This used to be “Subscribe” but Facebook has recently made this change. I personally think this is FABULOUS!!! I do not accept every person who sends me a friend request. With having the “Follow” button activated,  they can “follow” me and I don’t have to feel bad about not friending them 😀 What’s cool about the this feature is that everyone following your profile ONLY sees what you post publicly.
  5. Do you have your Facebook page linked to your profile in your “About” section? You can edit this information in your profile by editing your “Work and Education” section.

Looks like I am in need of coming up with a new cover image 😀

What are some things you like to review on your Facebook Profile?

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  1. I never post anything I could not share with the whole world! As a matter of fact am slightly cautious with what I write even in an email. As soon as someone else can “copy & paste” it could go official in my world. :-)

    • Stella, I totally understand being cautious 😀 I’m pretty transparent on my profile and my page on FB. But there just are some things I really don’t want to share publicly. that’s why I have adjusted my privacy settings as I have on my profile. I’m on fb to share with my family and catch up with old and new friends all over the world. But some things I just don’t feel that this FB “Graph Search” needs to have access to. And it’s nice to see that I am not the only one with concerns because now Z is trying to smooth things over and do some PR on it. We will see … this jury is still up in the air if I like it or not!
      Kimberly “Gypsy” LoSavio recently posted…Facebook Profile ~ Let’s Do a ReviewMy Profile

  2. Thanks for sharing and the reminder to check my account/profile settings..Some have changed since the last time – like the option to allow other search engines to link to my Facebook account..Thanks Again!! =)
    Jaime recently posted…3 Ways To Edit Photoshop Files Without Having PhotoshopMy Profile

  3. Great tips here, Kimberly – especially in the wake of just having updated my business page header. I’ll have to check each of these things on my own profile :-)

    Thanks for the suggestions!

    Tanja recently posted…Getting clear on your strengths as an introvertMy Profile

  4. Great tips, thank you. I will do a FB review


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