Infographic ~ Simple Checklist to Evaluate your Facebook Page


Simple checklist to help you evaluate your Facebook page!Keeping up with your Facebook page, like all your other social network accounts, is not something you can just “set and forget.” Especially if you are a business owner. Your social networks are such an integral tool to helping with your marketing, getting traffic to your blogsite, and ultimately helping you make more sales!

I know! Right?!?! Crazy, huh?

Being in the middle of a domain migration, I thought now would be a perfect time to make sure all my social networks were up-to-date. I’m not ready to add the new domain quite yet, but they did need some adjusting and tweaking to the “about” or “bio” sections.

Several weeks ago, I came across a really cool infographic from Socially Stacked ( that has an amazing checklist to help you evaluate your Facebook page.

Infographic ~ Simple Checklist to Evalutate your Facebook Page



OOOPs! I never even thought of doing #2 o.O It just never occurred to me to add my other social network links to the about section on my Facebook page. I have updated my cover image to include my website (another simple thing to implement that I just never thought to do). However, that is going to have to change soon when I launch the new domain :D

I believe this is definitely a “must-have” checklist. Some of these things can be easily implemented to your other social networks as well. Actually, most of the list can be used to evaluate just about all your other social network accounts. You just need to be a little creative. And right now is the perfect time to take advantage of getting this done. Springtime is upon us! What better time for spring cleaning, right?

What do you think of this Facebook page checklist? Is there something you would add?

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Visit Socially Stacked and read what else they have to say about this list of must-haves.

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  1. I definitely needed a Facbook check list.
    that is moot right now as I just closed down my pages. However, I can see that this could be adaptable to my twitter, my bulging e-mails, bubblews and my blog.
    DenysKelly made a good point about driving traffic to the blog.
    I can get so blogged down by the wieght of all of the above and Facebook that I am having to re-evalute my priorities.
    Got a infographic for that? I would love it.
    Gypsy treaseures, thanks for visitingme.
    Malika Bourne recently posted…Welcome NewcomersMy Profile

    • Oh Malika, I’m so glad you found this checklist helpful! And I totally understand about getting bogged down! I’m in SMN overload myself! And I’m one of those distracted by bright & shineys and squirrels! LOL I also tend to hit my SMNs like tornadoes!! Talk about not using my own advice! (I talk about this in the Blog & Website Planning Guide).

      The only advice I really have is brain dump what you want to accomplish, then widdle it down to what’s important, what you can delegate, and what can wait. I like to mindmap things but I also like to draw it out on paper. Then figure out what SMNs you want to focus most on (believe it or not, NOT all of them are good for all of us). I use FB most because … well, sadly I’m on it the most! There’s really no other reason LOL That’s sad actually. But whatever! Oh and I use Hootsuite! LOVE IT!!! Makes scheduling out posts, tweets, etc so much easier. I upgraded so I can add all the FB groups I am in and makes sharing so much easier! (but that’s for a whole different post)

      Breath, braindump, mindmap, plan out your month ahead of time — I can promise you that it will at least help! Good luck!!
      Kimberly “Gypsy” LoSavio recently posted…Infographic ~ Simple Checklist to Evaluate your Facebook PageMy Profile

  2. Great check list… .however I would not do #2. I would put my website (keep in mind that I have the other social media links there) but I would not want them to leave Facebook to go to another social media platform. I would want to drive the traffic to my website! :)
    Good luck with your domain switching-fingers crossed that it goes smoothly for you.
    Denys Kelley recently posted…Oh no say it isn’t so…… You’re SPAMMING me!My Profile

    • Denys, I don’t think adding your SMNs will detract from your actual website if you include the links to one of the many areas in the “About” section. Actually, it’s no different than adding them to your Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ — let’s a potential “fan” follow you across their favorite networks :D At least that is how I look at it :D

      You also have 5 different places you can edit in your FB “About” section. Something to remember, if you include your web/blogsite link to the “short description” – it is best to add it to the beginning of your text as only 3 lines of text show up in the small box (especially if you have more than 2 tabs to the right of it).

      Thanks for the luck, too , with the migration. I’m working on plugins right now and mapping out new catagories for the new domain to make it better to navigate o.O LOL my current catagories are kind of scattered — LOL Things you learn on the journey! LOVE!!!
      Kimberly “Gypsy” LoSavio recently posted…Infographic ~ Simple Checklist to Evaluate your Facebook PageMy Profile

    • I’m so glad you like the list, Toni! Don’t forget to add the link to your new fb Page to your fb profile about section :D That way when someone hovers over your picture and the pop up box comes up, there will be a link to your FB Page to click on and “like”!


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