Delusions of Grandeur

Han Solo: "A Jedi Knight? I'm out of it for a little while and everybody gets delusions of grandeur."

Han Solo: “A Jedi Knight? I’m out of it for a little while and everybody gets delusions of grandeur.”

For all you Star Wars fans out there, you know these famous 3 little words. If you know Star Wars well, you know what part of each movie it’s in ;) I’m such a dork! But that is okay.

So why “Delusions of Grandeur”?

It starts with a “D” — we are in day 4 of the UBC — and well I thought it was quirky enough to get attention!

Did it work???

I really did have delusions of grandeur — that is not a false statement, to be honest.

What is that saying from “Field of Dreams”? — If you build it, they will come.

Yeah well, I built it and I talked my ass off but it turned out to be on deaf ears.

What am I talking about?

I’m talking about blogging for your business, using social media to network, and participating in local events to get your message and or brand out to the world.

I’ve been doing this for 2 years now in different niches, circles, etc, and I think the most frustrating thing for me was that I knew it was going to help but others poo-pooed it.

I worked out a plan, had a contract and a price list — all to help others get their “word” out there … but all I got was “why do I need to do that?” or “it’s too difficult” or “I don’t have time.”

Did not matter how much I talked it up, I kept getting beat back down or, worse,  ignored.

The worst part is that I also talked about ideas to network — getting out there in local events and what not.

Again .. poo-pooed. Really???

So imagine my frustration — 2 years later — seeing this group of people participating in the very events that I suggested 2 years ago and getting involved with other local events as well.

And of course many of them doing what now???

Oh … blogging and being fairly active in the social media realm, too.

Shocking! ** dripping with sarcasm **

I had great ideas and had hoped that it would in turn bring in extra income for me doing something that I enjoy (web design).

I knew I could help people get their message out to more than the clique-ish circles they were in. And I knew I could help them grow their businesses too.

But, it seems I did not fit into their happy little package so I got shunned and poo-pooed .. and worse … ignored!

Well .. not really …  as 2 years later they are doing exactly what I was trying to help them with and they are participating in many of the “events” I said would be great ways to get their message out.

But, see, now they can say it was their idea and they did the leg work and they did research.

But .. whatever!!

Am I bitter? a little bit.

Because if just one of those people had said “great idea, Kimberly!” or “you know, let’s get together and brainstorm some options” or even better “Yes, Help me with a website .. or teach me how to better utilize Facebook/Twitter!” — it would have encouraged others to do that same. Their businesses would have thrived and I would have built a client base in that particular niche.

Has this affected my confidence?

YES … resoundingly.

And, sadly, I did not see how much it really did affect me.

Going through this shift and new mindset, I am starting to deal with these “delusions” and it isn’t easy.

However, I am glad I can see them for what they are now.

I am surrounding myself with awesome people and I am learning to be more proactive as opposed to reactive — that is NOT an easy thing to do!

I am also seeing more clearly where I need to set my boundaries — both personal and “professional” (meaning with those that should be paying me for what I do).

Have you had your own delusions of grandeur? Please share with me how you worked through them. I really could use all the help I can get! :)

Kimberly Gypsy LoSavio

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  1. Taking a bit to get back to these, but I have to say that yeah, I’ve had my own delusions, one of them being that I could do just one thing! The more I learn about myself, the more I realize that YES, I am an author, a publisher, a coach, a tarot consultant, and even a musician and all around geek girl. It’s taken having time to be free to be me to realize this.

  2. Aw, Kimberly! Sending butterflies to help lift your spirits!

    What Amethyst said is totally true – these were not your people! But how do you find your people? I think it starts with really knowing yourself and understanding what values are most important to you.

    I started my business about 2 years ago, helping people with social media, and I have learned to say no to the people who are not a good fit. For me, it has to be fun. If I’m not getting the fun vibe from someone, I decline. It’s usually pretty simple. Although I have found local people are generally a lot harder to deal with – they don’t want to pay, they want free advice, they want a workshop and then don’t show up – than most of the clients I meet online.

    How am I attracting the people I want to work with? What I’m trying to do is have my personality really show in all I do. For my local people I’ve got the bright and interesting hair, and I’m generally wearing orange and purple – yes, together! So I’m colourful and fun and that weeds out the people that are scared off by that. I love how that part works!

    Now, here’s a question for you: I still have clients coming to me looking for web sites. I’ve created a few, but I find it’s just not my thing. Please send me an email and lets see if your work and your price range might fit for them. Who knows, I might be able to refer some of them to you. :-)

    Hugs and butterflies,

    • Dearest Teresa ~ thank you so much! I love how you “weed out” the people that don’t fit with your vibrant and colorful pizazz!!! It is amazing how some people just do not resonate and how we sometimes do not realize it until it is too late. Sometimes I feel I have been glamorized on some level, tricked even. Some people are just that good at masking their true selves. It is my time to learn to see that .. or better yet, trust that little nagging voice in the back of my head! HAHA

      As for your offer, I am so flattered. I don’t have a very large portfolio as of yet as I am rebuilding several sites over to WP. I am hoping to have them all finished and portfolio ready by end of next week — I will send off an email and polish up my “list” —

      Thank you so much for the hugs! They are greatly appreciated!!!
      Gypsy ~ Kimberly recently posted…Energize and Boost Your Positive MojoMy Profile

  3. That’s so frustrating, Kim! But the truth is those are probably not “your” clients. I see this happen all the time in my business. In fact just last year someone told me my $4,000 program was “way too expensive,” and then they promptly ran over and signed a nearly $10,000 contract with someone else! For the exact same services. Frustrating? Hell yes. Bitter? Only a little at myself. As in, why am I attracting certain people and doing all of the work just so they can sign up with another coach?

    The truth is because they weren’t my client. And I had to perfect my Spirit-Driven Conversations to get people to sign on with me. So keep running in bigger and better circles. There are no delusions of grandeur. You’ll get there someday.

    • Amethyst, thank you so much for this! You are absolutely right — they really weren’t meant to be my clients — and deep down inside I know this. And giving away that power to affect my confidence as I had is something I have to take full responsibility for as well. I am coping :) I also know that there are better things meant for me … it is slowly coming together. I just lack this virtue they call “patience” *snicker* I appreciate your comment! It really helps ;)
      Gypsy ~ Kimberly recently posted…Delusions of GrandeurMy Profile


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