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Lessons Learned from the Baggage We Carry

Every community has them. The pleasant souls with good intentions, who want to bring a group of like minded people together to help each other grow their businesses in one form or another. And with this kind of dynamic, sadly, there is ALWAYS at least one bad apple that […]

Wednesday Q & A ~ WordPress Username Security

What are some tips I can use to protect my WordPress username? This week’s Wednesday Q & A question is one I get asked a lot. First, I want to make very clear that no website is ultimately and absolutely safe from hackers. If they want in, they’re going […]

7 Ways to Create an Amazing 2014

This has been heavy on my mind this past week! To “resolution” or not to resolution, that is the question! To set goals and intentions, or not to! So many posts and newsletters and social media blurbs from all different opinions. Honestly it made my head spi […]

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